BrightNL Demand Response events will begin in February, 2020.

By joining the Community Grid, you’re helping collect important data that will be used to create leading-edge Demand Response technology for use in grids around the world — and right here at home.

Working together to support our electrical grid? It’s a bright idea.

Participating in BrightNL?
We want to hear from you!
Innovation means always getting better. Your feedback (Too cold? Too often? Just right?) will help us grow and improve. Thanks for sharing : )
Program Details
Over the next 16 weeks, scheduled Demand Response events consisting of slight adjustments to your thermostat settings will occur for no longer than three hours at a time.

Events are scheduled when electricity usage is highest, in the mornings and evenings. After each event, your ‘usual’ thermostat settings will be restored automatically.

While setpoint adjustments will be small, your comfort is always our top priority! You can manually override the setpoint at the thermostat or through the app at any time.

Remember, your energy consumption will not increase and there is no cost to you — we are simply shifting your electricity demand to off-peak times.

You’ll receive a friendly reminder from the Mysa team 24 hours in advance of most scheduled events, including a link to opt out if you choose.

Have questions about what BrightNL means for Mysa owners and communities in Newfoundland and Labrador? See our FAQ section below.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Demand Response?
Great question.
Demand Response is the consumer-led practice of supporting electrical grids by ‘smoothing out’ spikes in electricity use during peak use periods. Heavy simultaneous consumption of electricity causes strain on electrical grids and increases the potential for service interruptions. The Community Grid is a feature designed to shift the times during which we use the most electricity, reducing strain on electrical grids and helping keep things bright for all of us.
How will participating in BrightNL impact me?
We’re happy to say it’s all good.
Choosing to participate in the BrightNL Pilot means helping to support our grid with virtually no effort on your part — the software in your Mysa Smart Thermostat(s) does all the work. By opting in, you’re not only working with like-minded community members to start the conversation about how we consume electricity, you’ll help collect data to develop innovative smart technology that can be applied to grids around the world. You’ll see the Mysa family’s impact on the grid in the results report you’ll receive after the program ends.

Oh, and all participants will also have a chance to win three free Mysa Smart Thermostats. It’s a win-win-win.
How will my participation impact my community?
It’s about working toward an energy-efficient future, together.
We believe that teamwork works. Reducing strain on our electrical grid benefits our communities not only by better managing our energy consumption, it also helps build a world-class model for energy-efficiency right here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Being a part of the BrightNL Pilot means helping create a brighter future for us all.
Will I feel a difference in temperature in my home during the program?
We’re keeping things cozy.
During your participation in the BrightNL Pilot, the Community Grid feature in your Mysa Smart Thermostat’s software will make slight temperature adjustments for short periods during peak use times. You can manually override your setpoint at the thermostat or through the app at any time.